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Niels De Meirleir

Knowledge-sharing: the fuel for your career

Someone with a clear vision about – and a big heart for – knowledge-sharing is Niels De Meirleir, Senior Project Manager Life Sciences. This bioengineer with a PhD in chemical engineering joined Modis as a project manager four years ago.

Sophie Hanssens

Growing as a professional: are you looking for something new?

Two years ago Sophie Hanssens stepped into a team leader vacancy at Modis. She’s now a Business Development Manager there and focuses on project nursing. Her story is further proof that at Modis, it is possible to find something more. Are you ambitious? Do you feel like a new challenge and do you have the urge to grow? ‘Her’ project nurses are just the same. Be inspired by her story.

Deborah Gelfged

Project-based work? Yes, please!

There are many good reasons to choose a job where you get to work on one project after another. Why would you choose a project-based career? We asked two Modis employees: a consultant/project manager and a Modis talent manager.

Stephanie De Partz

How can you push your boundaries?

Stretching your boundaries. To the limit and beyond. It’s second nature in the world of sport. But what about in your career? Your studies steer you in a particular direction and then you start working. But how can you avoid getting confined to one job/role/niche and actually continue your professional development? It all starts with how you look at things. Keep reading to find out how you can stretch your boundaries.

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