Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence provide our customers with integrated teams capable of tackling large-scale projects – almost anywhere in the world.

Become an expert

In our Centers of Excellence we apply our tried and tested project management methodologies, processes and tools. This is where our experts work together to explore new solutions for our clients.

Best-in-class service provider

To remain a best-in-class service provider, Modis has devised its Centers of Excellence (CoE). The main aim of these CoE is to translate our best practices in futureproof services tailored to the needs of our clients and responding to major trends and developments in the broad domain of Life Sciences, IT & Engineering. Active knowledge capture and sharing are at the heart of this approach, as this provides a sound foundation for developing assets and/or service innovation.

Knowledge sharing culture

This all can be achieved by implementing a knowledge sharing culture, in which the CoE provides virtual environments for our teams to exchange knowledge and shape our future approaches. Each CoE covers a key area of Modis expertise (e.g., Open Innovation, Project & Portfolio Management, Medical Communication, Real World Evidence, Content & Data Management, Enabling Technologies, …). Specific CoE projects are run to set up and test dedicated (project management) methodologies, supporting processes and tools, where possible in close collaboration with our clients and/or other partners. Key outcomes of such projects include methodology frameworks, dedicated trainings, and even fully-fledged novel services, all of which support our clients on their way to have an impact on people’s lives.

Connecting talent, knowledge and innovation

The Modis CoE clearly links both to our Talent Management by providing various opportunities for self-development, and to our Training Academy being a key supplier of novel training materials, thus providing a strong connection between talent, knowledge and innovation.

Caroline Sage

Senior Project Manager

Putting our people first is what has enabled us to build the community of bright minds that we are today.

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