About us

Modis is a community made up of the world’s brightest minds in Life Sciences, IT & Engineering. Our professionals have the skills and passion to answer the complex challenges of doing business in today’s dynamic world.

We are the Modis community

You first, then the opportunity. For us, it starts with understanding your ambitions. We work with you to reach those ambitions. We’re here to be your coach and guide, by investing, training and upskilling you throughout your career. By studying how people, science, technology and businesses intersect in markets around the world, we can partner the right specialists with the right professional projects.

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Driven to excel

Our focus is on developing a diverse community of people who want to excel. At Modis, we offer a career that spans countless industries, projects and challenges. We train our people to a level where they are entrusted with responsibility, and encourage every person to apply their learnings in one discipline to another, so we can innovate together and unlock new ways of working.

The way we solve science and technology challenges

Professional sectors are no longer siloed. So neither are we. Modis is about new perspectives, cross-domain thinking, and smarter connections, in markets and industries all around the world. We encourage candidates to explore it, to travel the world, to experience a wide range of projects with the world’s leading companies, and to gain a multi-disciplined perspective on problem-solving.

Belong to a global community

We’re proud to have built an environment not driven by siloed thinking. Instead, it is fueled by a diverse group of industry and market specialists, who learn from each other, develop skills through collaboration, and create ideas that propel us all forward.

Meet the world’s smartest people

Our Centres of Excellence and Delivery Centres are where these connections happen. They act as campuses for our community. Engineers, data scientists, designers, developers, technicians, chemists, to name a few, all work together to research, innovate and explore new solutions for our clients.

You are our number one

We help you put your talent first!


A place to learn. A place to share. A place for experts to contribute. And a place to advance the state of knowledge.

Centers of Excellence

In our Centers of Excellence we apply our tried and tested project management methodologies, processes and tools.

Talent Management

At Modis, we have a team of Talent Managers with a clear mission: making sure you feel happy at work!

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